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10 Tips To Manage Your Depression

Here are 10 tips to help manage your depression. Not all may work, but do give some a try!

Depression can come in many forms, and can last for many years. I have struggled the most with chronic fatigue. Never feeling well-rested. Always wanting to stay in bed. They cycle continued.

My productivity was non-existent. I avoided taking medication for as long as I could until I caved in. And, while I wasn’t the biggest fan of the medication, it does have some benefits. I can never deter someone from taking medication to help manage their depression.

Several things have helped me manage my depression, whether big or small. Though I still struggle a lot, things could be much worse if I didn’t put these things in place.

1. Medication.

For some, this may do wonders. For others, it may not. Be careful. Take the doctor’s advice. I was on Fluoxetine, until another GP realised I needed Mirtazapine instead because of my terrible sleep pattern. While great at first, the side effects became unbearable for me. Still, go for it if you believe it will be helpful!

2. Accountability Partner.

Have someone around who can hold you accountable (without making you feel guilty). I realised that I tend to procrastinate a lot and become “lazy”. However, having someone there to make sure I’ve done x amount of work has done wonders. Eventually, you’ll be able to do this for yourself.

3. Think positively.

I know this sounds futile, and of course, depression cannot simply be cured by just thinking positively. However, a positive mindset and attitude can help in some situations. It is often a good reminder that better days are coming. You matter you are important.

4. Have a gratitude book.

Linked to thinking positively, writing down what you’re grateful for each day often helps.

5. Beginning a daily mantra of self-affirmation.

Love yourself, forgive yourself, and live without any set expectations. Enjoy life for what it is, rather than what it could be. Or, do the opposite. Look to the future rather than the present. Whatever works for you.

6. Change your diet.

The food you consume has a big impact on your body and your brain. Figure out what diet to adopt. One that will help you feel better.

7. Meditation & journaling.

Meditating helps one to clear the mind (if done correctly), while journaling helps you to process your thoughts. The two done together and done well can help you understand the situation your in, and how to improve it.

8. Surround yourself with people who exude love.

Find people who love you for who you are, and who you love too. Be around good people. 

9. Pause.

Take a break. Remind yourself of where you are and the situation you are in. There is no rush.

10. Finally, remember it is okay to not be okay.

No one is perfect. We are all still becoming the best versions of ourselves, and that takes time. And it is also okay to be okay. Don’t fret about your situation becoming bad; appreciate the goodness in the moment.

Do make sure you seek professional help if you believe you are suffering from depression.

Written by Rodney

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