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How Amazon Echo or Google Home Can Help With Your Mental Health

Have you ever tried using a voice assistant to manage your mental health? Give it a go! Read more to see how you can build a routine with your voice assistant.

The rise of voice assistants, though yet to take the world by storm, has raised important questions about the future of technology. Gary Vee has been a strong advocate of voice assistants, constantly talking about Amazon Echo on his YouTube channel. In his recent book, Crushing It, he discusses how entrepreneurs can use Amazon Echo or Google Home to help manage their time.

This article adopts a similar line of argument but focuses on mental health rather than entrepreneurship.

The article on routine explored how to build a strong routine to manage your mental health. Imagine if you could do all of this in a less time-consuming way. What if you could talk to your voice assistant from anywhere (within a range) rather than search for your phone, open your notes or calendar app, type your tasks and daily to-dos, get distracted by a notification on Twitter or Whatsapp, and spend the next two hours scrolling or replying to messages.

That is the voice assistant’s selling point (at least for me). As someone who easily gets distracted on their phone and ends up wasting a whole day, Google Home has been really useful to manage my day. Waking up to music, having my tasks read out to me, receiving updates on what’s in my calendar, and more have helped me in so many ways.

The struggle with many suffering from depression is the process of getting out of bed. But, what if your favourite song was playing? Would you then be more likely to get out of bed? This may not work for everyone, but it does have a small positive effect.

Knowing what my plan is for the day without having to pick up my phone is really beneficial. I am forced to commit to the routine I have set, without using my phone as an excuse as to why I procrastinated for 2 hours in the morning.

I have found it useful to have soothing music or sounds to help me fall asleep. For someone who struggles with sleep, this has been so important.

My only problem with Google Home, however, is that I cannot use it at university. Unable to connect it to the university wifi, I have to rely on other ways to get up and plan my day (which I will discuss in another article). It seems the Amazon Echo doesn’t have this problem. While I have been tempted to switch to the Echo, having a Google account has locked me to the Home…for now.

I am sure there are more ways voice assistants will be able to help with mental health, but I know that by helping me create a routine, I have been able to better manage my mental health.

Written by Rodney

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