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Student Partner – Hugo Besley

Welcoming our new student partner Hugo, who has a few words for you...


I’m Hugo!  I’m the latest member to join the Alt-Ed team as a Student Partner. When I first heard news of this startup I couldn’t contain my excitement.

One of the largest issues associated with mental health is it’s taboo like nature; both for the person suffering but also for the person whose desperate to help. Although there have been significant steps made in removing the chilling barriers surrounding mental health, we haven’t hit critical mass just yet. Mental health is still an awkward subject to talk about.

We hear it on the radio, see it on the TV, read about it on our friend’s blog posts, but we fail to acknowledge the totality of mental health.

I believe this is what makes Alternative Education (Alt Ed) such an awesome social enterprise. Alt Ed is on a content-driven mission to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of your mental health.


Through making content that is informative as well as engaging. Our current focus is on social, video and news-based content. As well as running a number of events at several universities. You name it, we’re planning it! The more people that engage with our content, the more people are actively supporting our mission in altering the way we think about Mental Health. The main reason I joined is that I deeply believe in Alt Ed’s mission. As it’s one of the best solutions to breaking the ice with the surrounding ‘awkwardness’ of Mental Health.


So what qualifies me?

I’m currently a Second Year at Exeter University, studying History. Currently, I’m the VP of Exeter’s Entrepreneurs Society, the second largest society, on campus. I love technology and I’m passionate about tech-driven startups. I’ve previously worked for a number of startups that range from Dating Apps to Machine Learning platforms focusing on growth.

I strongly believe that, as an entrepreneur, mental health is inextricably linked to starting a business. You want ‘it’ so badly that you’re willing to become almost sociopathic. The negative externalities that come with this form of determination are significant. Recently Elon Musk opened up on this matter.

For Alternative Education, I will be focusing on writing about self-improvement, optimising your day-to-day happiness, with simple tips and hacks as well as Mental Health startups.

 I would love to hear from you. So feel free to reach out and contact me!

– Hugo Besley


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