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Why are we scared of Silence?

In this article, we focus on why we are afraid of silence and how we try to avoid it.

So mental health is an issue that we will all inevitably deal with or know someone dealing with it at the moment.

There are many ways to deal with it, some ways are through watching videos and articles to understand more about your mental health. I’m not going to focus on everything they have said, instead, I will limit my focus on what I think has helped me.

Mental health is a topic that is heavily discussed now, and, inevitably we probably have been or know at least someone that has been affected by it.  In this article, I want to focus on the fact that we don’t really pay attention to being in silence ever. We don’t really look at that as a thing.

Normally, silence is very boring. If I’m surrounded by silence for more than a second I start feeling suicidal. But that’s the point I’m trying to put across.

My generation, 18-28 age range,  we grew up with the technology that our parents didn’t have. Technology has enabled us to be entertained at all times. For example, I can’t get on the bus without music, an audiobook or a podcast to fill in the noise of silence. That’s a big problem.

My daily routine goes like this:

  1. Wake up (music)
  2. Wash my face (music)
  3. Eating breakfast alone (music)
  4. Set up Netflix (music)
  5. Play music to get ready and go about my day
  6. Working on my laptop (music)
  7. Commuting (music)
  8. Cook (music)
  9. Shower (music)
  10. Before bedtime – listen to a 3-hour long podcast to fall asleep to.

That’s my daily routine. I don’t think I have ever been in complete silence.

Ultimately, I think we are avoiding that silence to not talk to ourselves, in the sense of having an internal dialogue with yourself to mentally analyse yourself as a person. We don’t allow ourselves to talk to ourselves and understand ourselves as people.

Someone else, your best friend, can tell you something that’s “real talk” in terms of what you’re saying at the moment, but it won’t be as real as the stuff you would say to yourself. I think the thing we are scared of as a generation is uncovering something about yourself that you didn’t want to uncover before about your character. It could be anything, some examples, may include “I’m not made for this career path” or “I don’t have money to go out but I want to look like I’m a baller”.

To clarify, I’m not saying that not being in silence is giving you mental issues, that is not what I’m saying at all. But what I’m saying is that being in silence could help you understand yourself more to eventually dealing with these mental issues.

For example, you could be depressed for a number of different reasons. You could take 10 minutes of your day to just sit in silence and see where your mind goes. It might go to deep places or places you don’t want to go to because you’re scared as you haven’t been there before. But once it’s done, you may have learned something new about yourself or a way of tackling a problem that you have struggled with for a long time personally.

Before I made this blog, I asked a few of my friends who are going through some mental health issues, “have you ever noticed yourself being in silence for more than 20 seconds?”. After talking to them for a bit longer, I realised that they are actually the same as me and they need noise to fill in the silence.

In the end, we all came to the agreement that silence is something that we actually need to ‘evolve’.

Written by @Own_The_Ladder

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